Henna/Mehndi Tattoo - Design 1

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Contains two design sheets for both hands. 



How to use Temporary Tattoos:

1. Cut the required portion of the design 

2. Remove the transparent film from the paper and stick the design on a desired area printed side down. 

3. Apply water on the paper, wait for 30 seconds and remove the paper by peeling it . 

4. For longer lasting results, apply top coat of transparent nail paint

5. For best results remove using nail polish remover



Please Note: 

Each pack contains 2 hands worth of Henna, for both the left and right hand. They are suitable for the outside of the hand.

  • Please patch test before use on hand; If use causes an adverse skin reaction, then discontinue use immediately
  • Do not apply on sensitive skin or near the eyes
  • Please note that the colour may vary due to editing of images. 
  • Not suitable for children under the age of 10
  • Water resistant, but not water permeable
  • Henna tattoo can be removed with nail polish remover. 
  • Henna tattoos are temporary, carefully follow all the steps and you can enjoy our tattoo for more than 24 hours (* Depending on factors, such as skin type, excessive use of soap,  rubbing the hands and contact with oil and (hand)creams.)
  • We recommend using the product within 12 months after purchase. The best place to store the henna tattoo is a dry and dark place. 
  • No refunds or exchanges will be permitted for failure to apply the product correctly.