ELORA - Blue Bangle Set

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Embrace the elegance of this ombre teal and turquoise bangle set, accented with luxurious gold and pearls. Transform any outfit with the sophisticated touch of this exclusive set, elevating your style to new heights. Indulge in the world of art and fashion with this statement piece.

Sizing Guide


We recommend measuring the diameter of bangles you currently own and comparing with the size chart as each product slightly varies due to differences in manufacturing. 

 Size  Diameter 
2.4 5.9 cm
2.6 6.2 cm
2.8 6.5 cm


Standard sizing applies to our products. We will not be liable to accept any return of standard sized products on the ground that the sizing does not meet your expectations / requirements as product descriptions have dimensions of products listed (bangles).

Size: 2.4