GARDENIA - Full Bridal Set (7pc)

Sale price$328.00 CAD

This GARDENIA Full Bridal Set is the perfect accessory for a traditional Indian wedding. It features classic heirloom designs with emerald green stones for a look that is as etherial as it is timeless. Let this set be a part of your wedding traditions for generations to come! 

We offer 2 types of customisations for this set. Please refer to the customisations tab. 

What's Included? 

x1 Choker Necklace 

x1 Rani Haar (Pendant Necklace) 

x1 Pair of Earrings 

x1 Mattapatti (Headpiece)

x1 Pair of Hath Phool (hand accessory)  

x1 Side Passa 

x1 Nose Ring

  • Remove shahare from earrings: We will detach the side chains from the earrings. You will receive them detached. (10 AUD)
  • Turn the Mattapatti into a maangtikka: We will detach the side chains from the Mattapatti, to create a regular tikka. You will receive them detached. (10 AUD)

Please email us if you wish to proceed with the customisations mentioned above on after purchasing.